How to sell online without a website?

When thinking about e-commerce, the first thing that comes to mind is creating an online store. However, it’s not just websites that live online sales. Between 2019 and 2020, another number also jumped: sales through social networks. They went from 22% to 34%. This shows another growing trend: digital sales without the need for a website. And this is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to start in this world without needing large initial investments.


How to sell online without having a website

To sell products and offer services on the internet without having a website, there are several options:


arrow2 Whatsapp

This is one of the easiest and most practical tools for those who are taking their first steps in the digital world. After all, you can promote the products and services to the list of contacts that your business already has and expand the number of customers. WhatsApp is also an excellent channel to offer support and answer questions from your customers.

To maximize results, create an account on WhatsApp Business – a version of the application for business accounts, which offers even more efficient features for those who want to sell online. Among them, is the option to create product catalogs, automatic messages, and make integrations.

Finally, you only need to send a payment link to your customers and receive them immediately, quickly, and securely. You sell from wherever you are, 100% online and you don’t need a machine or a website.


arrow2 Instagram

One of the fastest growing social networks in the world, Instagram is a big favorite for many brands and online entrepreneurs. In recent years, there has been a rise in business accounts and, with it, a boom in sales content. With so much potential for business, the social network has invested in a solution for sellers: Instagram Shopping.

This tool makes it possible to tag products within Instagram feed posts and stories. With it, you can register and sell items directly on the social network. Thus, your customers do not need to leave the platform to purchase the products.

To use the feature, start by creating a business account on Instagram or changing your existing account. This is important as business profiles allow you to analyze metrics such as post reach, impressions, interactions, and profile visits. Data that will be valuable to your sales strategy. In addition, business profiles can promote posts.

As with WhatsApp, you can also sell directly through Instagram using a payment link, with the convenience and security of this solution.

But remember: it’s not enough to create your account and just talk about your products. Feed your profile with relevant posts, valuable content, and attractive promotions. Thus, you build a loyal and engaged audience, converting your followers into customers.

 arrow2 Facebook

One of the most popular social networks in the world, Facebook also offers the option to create your online store within the platform itself. For this, configure your fan page for the purchase model and add your products.

Entrepreneurs also have the Facebook Marketplace, designed to facilitate sales. Currently, anyone can create a page and register products. However, the functionality does not have its own payment system. In this case, you must include a payment link so that, when clicking on the product, the customer is redirected to the checkout page.


arrow2 Marketplace


Another way to sell online without having e-commerce is to insert your products in marketplaces. In short, they work like real virtual malls and you can register your products to sell on these partner sites, taking advantage of the large traffic and number of customers they have.

It’s a good option as you won’t need to invest heavily in ads to attract potential buyers. This is because the marketplaces themselves are responsible for investing in this attraction, as well as in marketing and structure.

The cost to sell within these channels is the commission charged on top of sales. These fees can be more attractive than investing in your own structure and can also work as the first contact with new customers. It is because of this facility that many entrepreneurs from different segments use marketplaces to sell.

Use the best tools to sell more online without a website

In any of these channels, it is very important to select the best partnerships and tools to ensure that the consumer has a great shopping experience. This involves all the processes of a sale, mainly the payment. Therefore, when choosing to sell without a website of your own, it is worth considering options such as the payment link , for example. Thus, you have an uncomplicated and very secure functionality, both for your business and for your buyers. Count on a good online payment solution and sell much more with the link.

As you have seen, there are several possibilities to sell without a website of your own. Choose the one that best fits what you want to offer and immerse yourself in this world. Certainly, with a good job, the results will be surprising.

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