7 sales tips to attract more customers to your business

The performance of your commercial area needs to be closely monitored to ensure that your salespeople always follow best practices. To help you maintain the quality of your service, we have gathered in this article foolproof sales tips to win more customers.

This is a simple way to align sales process details that aren’t working or just need a simple tweak to make it work better.

Did you know that 40% of salespeople consider prospecting the most difficult stage of the sales funnels to manage?

Knowing effective sales tips, your team can learn to circumvent this and other problems that exist in the company.

In this article, we will talk about the following sales tips to attract more and more customers to your business:

  • Plan attraction strategies
  • Create a sales playbook
  • Focus on offering a solution
  • Define key characteristics of prospects at each stage
  • Follow up with customers
  • Focus on active listening
  • Invest in sales training

Continue reading and understanding each of these points in detail.

Best sales tips to get more customers

The sales team deals daily with potential customers (prospects) and current customers, so renewing some processes and implementing new ones helps salespeople gain more trust .

After all, investing in approaches that do not bring the desired results ends up affecting customer conversion at the end of the sales funnel .

Check out the sales tips below and learn how to put them into practice.

1. Plan attraction strategies

The first sales tip is to plan customer attraction strategies.

For this, it is important to have defined who the buyer persona is that will represent the ideal customer profile that your company wants to achieve.

This definition is essential for both Marketing and Sales, as all materials to attract customers and initial service will be customized to meet the needs of the persona.

So, the more prospects aligned with the defined characteristics you can attract, the better the chances of driving these contacts to the end of the funnel.

2. Create a sales playbook

The sales playbook is a manual of procedures that explains all the steps of the sales process structured for the type of business of the company.

This is also an important sales tip because it helps train new salespeople, making it easier to align with the rest of the team.

The playbook describes the following topics:

  • History, foundation and market positioning of the company;
  • Description of personas and ideal customer;
  • What is the sales funnel like?
  • Follow up techniques used;
  • What is the best channel to capture prospects;
  • Sales cycle;
  • What are the arguments for negotiation;
  • Top customer sales objections and responses.

3. Focus on offering a solution

Another very strategic sales tip is to guide your team’s stance on how an offer is made. The goal is to focus on offering the customer a solution and not just a product .

This technique helps salespeople create a connection with the customer’s needs, valuing arguments during the negotiation.

When a potential customer is convinced that the solution will be really good, their interest increases and closing the sale becomes a closer reality.

4. Define the characteristics of prospects at each stage

These are the steps that make up the sales funnel:

  • Top of the funnel: problem recognition, learning, and discovery stage;
  • Middle of the funnel: consideration of the solution;
  • Bottom of the funnel: purchase decision.

To enter the funnel and advance through each stage, the prospect needs to have certain characteristics.

So, to get it right when moving them to the next step, the sales tip here is to list which characteristics a customer needs to demonstrate to receive the next stimuli.

If this process is automated, the tool used will automatically send the customer to the next stage of the funnel.

5. Follow up with customers

Following up at the correct time is also one of the sales tips that help to attract more customers.

This process is important so that a potential customer with whom the salesperson has already spoken does not fall into oblivion.

If the salesperson spoke to the decision maker, for example, he can adjust the return of the contract (follow up), according to the urgency that he showed in the conversation.

6. Focus on active listening

When a salesperson is dedicated to listening to the customer, they can better understand their real needs and create a positive connection during the conversation.

To apply active listening, pay attention and avoid postures such as:

  • Interrupt the client;
  • Divert the subject of the conversation;
  • Override arguments to those of the client while he is speaking;

7. Invest in sales training

Closing our list of sales tips, investing in sales training is strategic to attract more customers.

With better-prepared salespeople, they will know how to deal with their difficulties and improve them by acquiring new knowledge.

To create a culture of training, bet on online sales courses to give your salespeople flexibility to study from wherever they are.

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