How to sell online?


How to start selling online?

This may be the first question for you who are thinking about investing in the world of digital sales. The truth is, the possibilities are endless! Below, we list some of the main sales channels:

arrow2 Own website

Running your own store is the most conventional way to sell online and gives you full control. You decide how your store looks, and how your products are presented and you are also not vulnerable to external factors such as algorithm updates.

On the other hand, having your own website also requires more effort and investment, as everything will be your responsibility. Therefore, at least in the beginning, the ideal is to invest in an e-commerce platform that supports you and already has the necessary structure for you to register the products and start selling.

When creating your own website, in addition to the efforts of the platform itself, it is common to have difficulty attracting traffic and customers, as people still do not know your solutions. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in marketing so that your website is found in the major search engines and even on social networks.

arrow2 Social networks: Facebook, Instagram, and Live Commerce

Social selling is increasingly establishing itself as an essential tool in online sales. To put it simply, it is nothing more than using the potential of social networks to increase interaction with customers and improve business effectiveness. Between 2019 and 2020, for example, sales through social media went from 22% to 34%.

Another big trend in this regard is Live Commerce. This modality seeks to sell products through streaming and live broadcasts. In other words, the consumer watches the broadcast, sees the product, and makes the purchase, being able to take advantage of promotions, ask questions live and have access to special conditions.

arrow2 Whatsapp

WhatsApp Business is a powerful tool for anyone looking to sell online. The app is present on 99% of smartphones. That is, it cannot be left out of your business plan either, as it will help both to finalize sales and to provide quality service. You can even use messenger to send a payment link to your customers and receive them immediately, quickly, and securely, even without having a website.

arrow2 Marketplace

Marketplaces work like real virtual malls. In them, you can register your products, taking advantage of the large traffic and number of customers that these sites already have. The cost to sell on these channels is the commission charged on top of sales. But, on the other hand, in this case, it will not be necessary to invest heavily in ads to attract potential buyers, as is the case with using your own website.


Understand what are the most important tools to sell online

In addition to thinking about the channel in which you will sell, it is very important to know some essential tools for e-commerce. Some of them are:

arrow2 e-commerce platform

This is one of the most important decisions for any online store. An e-commerce platform, in short, should provide you with the resources you need to start, evolve and manage your business. Take into account the facilities, integrations, and also the support when choosing your platform.

arrow2 Payment method and solutions as a payment link

Consumers need security and ease at checkout. In addition, it is essential to provide the best and most varied payment methods . With this, you ensure that customers feel confident and have practicality when shopping on your website, ensuring good conversion rates.

One of these essential tools to boost your sales is the payment link, which can be generated in just a few clicks and sent to your customers via social media, WhatsApp or any other contact channel you prefer. In addition to being super simple and practical, the payment link is very secure, which is perfect for those who sell and for those who buy.

arrow2 Anti-fraud system

Another point of attention is to protect yourself from fraudulent transaction attempts. For this, it is necessary to invest in a payment method with a robust anti-fraud system – that protects e-commerce without compromising approval rates and sales success.

arrow2 Logistics partner

The entrepreneur must think about delivery partners, such as the Post Office and carriers, and provide attractive options to serve customers. This means balancing both terms that meet demand and a shipping cost that fits within the buyers’ pocket.

arrow2 Social networks

Social media not only impact consumer perceptions but are also major drivers of your bottom line. After all, they help in marketing, service, promotion, and even sales.

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