Chat service improves user experience and can increase sales

When I thought about this text, I came across a nostalgic moment, do you remember chat rooms like UOL? If you’re under 20, you won’t know, but since the beginning of the internet, text conversations have always been present.

People talk in groups or individually, get to know each other, exchange ideas and even negotiate. It has always been like this, today, for example in Whatsapp, Skype, and Messenger, the main engine of these platforms is conversations.

Why do you need chat support on your website

Most of the conversations on the internet are carried out by text, looking at this scenario, I wonder why many companies still don’t have a chat service on the website.

Here at Onlinesites, I always make the analogy that a website or virtual store is no different from a physical store, it has the same principles. I’m gonna explain:

In the physical store, to sell, you need traffic (people entering the store) right? In the online store it’s the same, if you don’t have traffic (access) you don’t sell, so far everything is fine.

But, another point, is the service, how many have been to a store and been poorly served? How does it feel? Awful, right?

You probably decide never to go back to the store. The service on your company’s website is the way you put the information that the visitor needs, if he entered your site looking for something and didn’t find it at first, his decision will be the same, he will never come back to your site, depending on him even forget.

Now, if you have a chat available to answer any questions and still have the potential to discover valuable information and still sell, you provide an exclusive experience for that visitor.

For me, chat is practical and fast. Chatting is already a common habit for me, whenever I have a question, I call the attendant in the chat and solve everything, whether it’s support or purchase of a product.

One day, a customer asked about the chat on the site, saying that it takes a lot of time in service, yes, it takes time, but I asked: If the person arrives at the store, don’t you have to answer? “YEA”. So it’s the same!

Answering via chat on the website has important points, such as:

  • Build trust in the company
  • Ask questions and avoid a possible return or exchange,
  • Loyalty a customer,
  • Upsell and Cross Sell, offering something more.


How to implement chat no site


If you don’t have a chat, it’s good to implement one now! Here at Online sites we have already tested many chats, but  Jivochat far exceeded our expectations, and we have always implemented it in our customers, it is very practical and efficient, with easy integration with Facebook, we answer calls from the website and social network directly with an Application.

Another important point of Jivochat is the customization, among them the option to hide the chat when no one is online. From everything I said above, this will be the main and most important tip: If you can’t go online and meet people, better not use it.

The chat is for customer service, returning to the physical store, if you enter the store and no one is there to listen to you, what would it be like? So entering the website and clicking on the chat and no one answering is frustrating, it ends up giving a bad impression. So when installing Jivochat, don’t forget to customize this option.

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